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Ghaffari Chemical Industries Corp. was established in 1964 thanks to attempts of Mohsen Ghaffari Ghazi Saeid (Eng.). using most modern technologies, quality control units and advanced formulation laboratories, science-based R&D Unit and its experienced and specialized personnel, this company has become the most credible manufacturer in chemical industries in the middle-east. The first product of this company was Ghaffari Twin Glues and during its years of activity, the company has added various products to its products list and offered them into local and foreign markets, with increasing development and use of modern technologies.

Ghaffari Chemical Industries Corp. is proud of its tireless efforts for helping the country within entire period of its activity, especially during the imposed war. One of these efforts is “Saving Sanandaj Supertanker”. During the imposed war, this Iranian supertanker that carried crude oil from oil fields of Khark Island was attacked simultaneously by several enemy warplanes, fired and sunk in 1988. Most of European companies believed that it is impossible to pull it out from depths of sea and the only way was discharging tankers under water. This required repair of breaks and closure of all holes. So, in this step, an insulator glue was required. After several months of efforts, finally laboratory of Ghaffari Chemical Industries Corp. managed to produce a glue that solved this problem and the supertanker was moved to the surface water. During post-war downturn and also hard embargos in local automation and other massive Iranian industries, Ghaffari Chemical Industries Corp. has rendered valuable severed to our beloved country, relying only on its knowledge and belief and also its qualified and skilled human chain, with unity, sympathy and tireless efforts.

Mohsen Ghaffari Ghazi Saeid (Eng.) – Managing Director

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